Ridgeway Studios Trust Ltd

Registered Charity No: 1063164

Trustees: Karen Harris, Joan Burnett, Rosemary Hider, Stuart Bennett, Keith Churchhouse.


Ridgeway Studios Trust was established in 1997 to promote the performing arts for the benefit and education of the community.

  • To establish a centre for the Performing Arts
  • To provide scholarships and assist young people who have attained a high standard of education in the performing arts to further their careers.
  • To establish our own theatre.
  • To promote and develop the skills of young people through all genres in the performing arts.
  • To provide studio and rehearsal space for the performers and public.
  • To hold workshops for the demonstration of different arts and performing techniques.

Scholarships are awarded by the Board of Trustees annually in dance, drama and singing.

Fund raising events take place throughout the year and so far have raised over £10,000.



If you would like to make a donation to our charity please send cheques to


Ridgeway Studios Trust Ltd

P.O. Box 480

Potters Bar

EN6 9EX        


Or you can make a donation by telephone on 01992 633 775