LAMDA - The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art

Drama is an important part of the student’s development. This enables them to build confidence, self awareness and creativity helping them to further their natural skills throughout their training.


The training consists of studying different acting styles, techniques, accents, dialects, script work, and short plays, our teaching methods are made enjoyable for the student and while this produces a relaxing environment to work in it also helps to bring out the natural qualities and the best in our students.


LAMDA examinations are entered in the speaking of verse and prose, acting and musical theatre which have been accredited by the awarding body OFQUAL. This operates as part of the curriculum authority QCA. These graded examinations can be used and contribute to part of a students A level results for higher education.

The acting classes will introduce students to a range of acting styles and techniques. Through the drama classes and workshops students are encouraged to be imaginative and inventive, they will develop their natural skills and learn to observe and concentrate.

Pupils are taught the different styles of acting for TV and for Theatre. Classes regularly work on up to date TV scripts, which have become available through our agency. The ultimate aim is to build confident articulate performers.