Musical Theatre

Annie The Musical

Musical Theatre classes are structured to develop and encourage a great performance.

Students are taught to sing and dance together and are shown an insight into different styles of dance enabling them to learn new routines quickly.

While attending these classes students work towards a full scale production at London and fringe theatres.

Aquarius and Gemini Dance Groups

Gemini:    7 – 13 years

Aquarius: 14 – 18 years

Both dance groups work to a high standard covering all styles of dance


Zodiac singing group are for children and young performers.

The zodiac singing group work on amazing harmonies that sound fantastic.


This year our students went into recording studios to cut a CD, we encourage their hard work as they master a huge repertoire of songs and this helps them build on their performance skills.

Auditions are held throughout the year for these performance classes and are strictly for students who are working towards a professional level.

Students who attend these classes will represent Ridgeway Studios in events and may perform extra routines in musical productions.

All these groups have already performed showcases in Disneyland Paris and joined the parade down Main Street, having a magical experience.